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Crmsoftware vs Activecampaign

Over 20,000 organizations and over half a million businesses around the world use Crmsoftware.

Created for agencies.

ActiveCampaign was a genuine pioneer in the email marketing and marketing automation space and is a great solution for many SMBs trying to handle things themselves.

At Crmsoftware, we’re tasked with lifting the company’s burden and continuing to provide highly customizable end-to-end solutions built especially for agencies.

Scale your business with agency-friendly pricing.

Cmsoftware has been especially designed to help companies grow, which is why we have allowed unlimited pricing up till now. With ActiveCampaign, the more people you can import onto an account, the higher the anticipated cost.

CrmSoftware allows you to add as many Users, Contacts, and Sub-Accounts as you wish to a single account for $1 a month.

You can build your own white-label platform.

Provide an all-encompassing software tool with a logo from your organization. Your customers will see your organization’s brand, down to the url link.

We do the work, and you obtain all the credit and residual benefit that derives from being a true SaaS company!

No credit card required. No trial period.

The world's fastest expanding.

CRM is offered to digital and e-commerce marketers.

As well as acting against you alone, this app enables you to maintain control over thousands of affiliates. Why? The main reason is because we value your success above all else. We don t want it needlessly hindered by costs.